90/90/1 Rule by Robin Sharma

The 90/90/1 Rule, popularized by leadership expert Robin Sharma, is a productivity and personal development concept aimed at fostering personal growth and skill enhancement.

The 90/90/1 Rule

The rule encourages individuals to dedicate the first 90 minutes of their day, for 90 consecutive days, to focus on their most important and meaningful work—often referred to as the "Power Hour."

Here's a breakdown:

  • 90 Minutes: The first part, "90 minutes," refers to dedicating the initial hour and a half of your day to high-value, high-priority tasks. During this uninterrupted period, you concentrate solely on activities that contribute significantly to your long-term goals or personal development.
  • 90 Days: The second part, "90 consecutive days," emphasizes consistency and commitment. By practicing this routine for three months straight, it becomes a habit that can lead to substantial progress and improvement in various areas of life.
  • 1 Thing: The "1" in the rule signifies focusing on just one important thing during this period. By narrowing your focus to a single task or goal, you eliminate distractions and channel your energy into meaningful work.

The idea behind this rule is that by consistently dedicating focused time to your most critical tasks or areas of development, you can achieve significant progress, create meaningful habits, and foster personal and professional growth.

Sharma's concept underscores the importance of starting your day with purpose and intention, using the early morning hours—when distractions are typically minimal—to make progress on what truly matters to you.

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